jeudi 12 septembre 2013

Compilation des applications intégrables au Réseau Social #IBM Connections

Markus Thömmes a réaliser une liste non exhaustive des solutions logicielles tiers intégrables à la solution de réseau social d'entreprise (RSE) IBM CONNECTIONS

On y retrouve la solution du partenaire IBM France Trilog, des solutions leaders comme SugarCRM, Mindjet 

Testez la solution IBM connections en ligne sur Greenhouse

Extrait des solutions tiers  :
  • Trilog Group - ProjExec®: Project Management (Trilog is the organisation where XPages has its roots as JEE technology called Flowbuilder)
  • SugarCRM: Customer Relationship Management. IBM switched from Siebel to SugarCRM recently
  • MindJet: MindMaps feed and are fed by Connections data
  • VSee: Video conferencing and screen share
  • HarQen Hypervoice™: Voice conversation integration
  • Kudos Badges: Gamification and motivation
  • Lialis WebDAV: access files through standard file managers
  • filedog Q: local sync for files
  • Genus Media Upshot: Rich Media Content Management
  • The Poll: Polls and results
  • Questionmine™: video surveys, quizzes, and automated webinars
  • SnappLinks™: Enhancement for the CK Editor for link management
  • Ephox EditLive!: Advanced Editor for Connections
  • LinguaSys – TGSocial: Translation plugin with support for over 110 languages

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